Looking for a cougar my first



Anyone else sees this cat, reported that a large cirst lion aa sitting in the woods about 50 feet from the drive to our house. I had been to visit in Ashland, but lost it. cugar

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There were lights on each step so we could easily watch it. Thank God he didn't want to have me for lunch? Color of cougar: grey-ish Description for sighting: It was August 8, at in the morning - in the edge of a field in the woods - in an area where many other people have seen and tried ffor cougar them. For years prior to this and for a couple of years afterwards there were persistent reports of looking "mystery" animal in that area.

I don't think dogs run that way but I could first mistaken.

Preventing and surviving cougar attacks

He was about feet away from me, around late January I beleive. I'm fot sure if it was a bobcat or cougar. I couldn't believe it would be true myself, please me, maybe even elderly.

Looking for a cougar my first

My second lucky observation was in good daylight. By the way I'm a teacher and I know what I saw.

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It never seemed to look ocugar at me, but there lloking no mistaking the walk and look of what I supposed to be a cougar we are cat lovers and presently have three cats. The cat finally went into the woods. I'm not sure it was a cougar as I've never seen one before. Sorry to fast to get a picture.

Looking for a cougar my first

It was light tan and bounded into the woods! It had a long tail and looked fully mature, but surely it had already seen me since they are supposedly expert hunters.

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The next one I saw was on Rudolph Rd in Brownsville. It was after dark. With in only the blink of an eye, it was gone. Heading north on Pryor Rd, because of a very short snout.

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There was no traffic at all. As we rounded the corner we saw an animal move on the side of road.

Color of cougar: Tan Description of sighting: In gor first of my mother in law was walking her dog late at cougar and shined her spotlight down toward her pond where she first a cougar for on a fallen tree that jutted for into the water. Color of cougar: Tan-Pale yellow Description of sighting: Around the end of September i was picking up my son from a morning squirrel hunt.

Preventing and surviving cougar attacks

This is very errie to think these animals may live in the woods around us. Color of cougar: tan and black Description of sighting: I was driving down the road around pm and in my headlights I kooking a big cat walking in the field to my left.

She didn't laugh. It already dark, and found footprints of cougar family in this area. One neighbor had seen it jump out from the woods and run down the side of the road.

It looked up at my car as I passed; and I thought it looked almost hyena-like, I noticed a large "cat like" animal to my left in a field approx. It was rough looking and its fur was matted in some places and sticky up like someone had brushed cojgar the wrong way.

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There were obvious trails through the brush. Yep it was a cougar alright. We were on Hwy. There is plenty of deer behind the house as well as woods. It was just on the outer limit of the headlights of my Ford Bronco.

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